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Why northbrook?

Over 150 years of innovation and expertise.

We offer a comprehensive range of qualifications for 16-19 year olds, university degrees, full and part time courses for adults, apprenticeships and professional qualifications. 

More than 1,000 expert staff work with our students to equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to prepare them for the world of work - to encourage support and inspire them. Northbrook helps to build the self belief, confidence and bravery our students need to meet and exceed their aspirations. 

At the Northbrook we believe it's our job to celebrate ambition, unlock potential and transform lives.

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Northbrook College

West Durrington Campus 

Littlehampton Road,


BN12 6NU

T: 01903 273060 


Celebrating our values

Transform your creativity into a career.


Some people make success look effortless. It isn’t. The people who are great at what they do – whatever their chosen profession – have only been successful through hard work and determination. And that’s true even for those people with bags of talent.


That’s why we’re looking for students who, on top of their talent, have tons of ambition and drive. Students who know that, by buckling down now, they’re building themselves a brighter future. Even if you’re already pretty good at what you do, there’s always further to go, higher to reach. We say to students, go that extra mile – your future self with thank you for it.


Looking for a ‘typical’ student? Sorry – there’s no such thing. Some of our students have just done their GCSEs, but others sat their O levels decades ago. Some are about to start a career, while others are getting ready for uni. They’re studying subjects from art to accountancy, from construction to computing, part- time, full-time, in classrooms and on work placements. 


This is a place full of colour and energy. A vibrant space full of people who might not mix anywhere else. It’s a snapshot of the big wide world, in all its variety – and will help you find your place in it.


In every industry, there are many ways to succeed. Our industry specialist staff support students to use their different strengths to take different paths.


So, while good exam results are great, we’re also looking for students who bring something different to the table. Students who can see issues from new perspectives, who are ready to make the most of their own unique talents. And we need them to be as open as we are. The people in our college are respectful, tolerant and supportive of their peers, and they celebrate everyone as an equal. It means we’re all better able to achieve our goals.


Our college has always had a great reputation for creative courses. Whether students want to go on to further study or straight into a job, they come here to start their careers in design, filmmaking, photography, and other creative subjects like hairdressing and beauty therapy.


But our fierce creative spirit doesn’t stop at the arts. It runs through everything we do. On all our courses, from engineering to hospitality, our staff give students an innovative, original and visionary view of the world. They use their experience in industry to help students understand the trends that exist now and those that will come in the future – in other words, to help students think creatively about how to shape their own lives.

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