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about Level 3 Photography, Creative Media & Film
UAL Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production & Technology 



Our course provides an opportunity for those who have an interest in media to explore, develop, and test their creativity within a qualification structure that is stimulating and demanding.


Key Course Facts

  • Assessment is based 100% on course work; awarded at a Pass, Merit, or Distinction level.

  • The Extended Diploma qualification is broadly equivalent to x3 A Levels and acquires 72, 120, or 168 UCAS points respectively.

  • Each unit contains a balance of both academic and creative, practical components.

  • Lessons are a mixture of lectures, workshops, and practical tasks whilst also allowing time for completion of individual assignments.

  • Access to computing equipment and software is available both in and out of course hours.

  • Lens based equipment is available for hire for use on and off site.

  • Industry specialist guest speakers & workshops.


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The qualification supports a well-rounded experience, not only enabling learners to gain critical and contextual awareness, but also provides them with the understanding of research interpretation, self-direction in problem solving, independence in planning and production, diverse practical skills, the ability to be critically evaluative and reflective, and offers learners the competence and proficiency in the presentation of their work.

“A number of students on this course produce very professional and sophisticated final work.”

- UAL: Awarding Body External Examiner

Specialisms Covered:

  • Analogue Photography

  • Animation

  • Communication Design

  • Digital Photography

  • Film

  • Illustration

  • Industry Careers

  • Portfolio Building

  • Progression

  • Specialist Study

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Diploma Units:

  • Unit 01: Media Processes and Technical Skills

  • Unit 02: Design and Research Skills

  • Unit 03: Professional Practice

  • Unit 04: Critical and Contextual Awareness

  • Unit 05: Audio Production

  • Unit 06: Visual Production

  • Unit 07: Interactive Production

  • Unit 08: Developing a Creative Media Production & Technology Project


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Extended Diploma Units:

  • Unit 09: Characteristics and Contexts in Media & Communication

  • Unit 10: Engaging with an Audience in Creative Media Production

  • Unit 11: Preparing for Progression in Creative Media Production

  • Unit 12: Specialist Study in Creative Media Production

  • Unit 13: Extended Project in Creative Media Production

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Image created by James

SKIlls Refining

Throughout the course, learners will be provided with the opportunity to refine their skills in the following seven key areas:

1. Context

Intellectual analysis and critical evaluation and understanding of the broader context in which their work is situated.

2. Research

Select, edit, interpret, and respond to relevant material in support of lines of enquiry.

3. Problem solving

Self-direction, personal initiative, and commitment to progress ideas and find solutions.

4. Planning & production

Plan, organise, and work within a given time-frame.

5. Practical skills

Use practical and technical skills and knowledge to explore, adapt, and effectively communicate ideas in the realisation of identified goals.

6. Evaluation and reflection

Application of intellectual curiosity and rigour in making judgements through contemplation and deliberation.

7. Presentation

Competence and proficiency shown in the organisation and presentation of themselves and their work to an identified audience.

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Diploma (Year 1)

In the first year, learners are provided with grounding in the softwares, technologies, and production techniques needed throughout the course. Learners also gain a critical understanding of the theory behind photography, creative media & film and the social, cultural, and industrial contexts in which they operate.

Learners are able to experience a range of creative activities including photography, communication design, and moving image before making their decision as to what they would like to specialise in for the remainder of the course and beyond.

Diploma (Year 1) Unit Content

The qualification will be delivered through 8 units over a nominal one year period. Units will vary in length to ensure that the qualification provides an appropriately supportive experience as students explore the diagnostic elements of the programme in preparation for further education or employment.

Year 1 Term 1 (Tutor Led)
Units 1-4 are linked together to form a coherent pattern of teaching and learning to provide the student with an introduction to the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary to explore, enhance and sustain their creative development and determine a standard from which all other learning and activities will develop. Students will be given a broad diagnostic introduction to creative media production and technology that will develop their understanding of the interrelated nature of their discipline.


Year 1 Term 2 (Tutor Supported)
Units 5-7 will require students to apply their newly acquired skills, knowledge and understanding through a series of more complex and demanding range of media platforms. Students will begin to recognise the unique characteristics of specific creative media.

Year 1 Term 3 (Tutor Guided)
This term requires the student to apply the skills, knowledge and understanding developed in units 5-7 to complete a creative media production project. It will provide the students with a measure of self-directed learning, and an opportunity to begin to clarify their longer term goals through the choice of specialising in a medium to explore in greater depth.


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extended Diploma (Year 2) 

The second year enables learners to develop their craft in their specialist area of choice while enhancing their creative portfolios for their selected progression route.

Towards the end of the second year, the Extended Diploma exhibition showcases the work rendered by students as part of their Final Major Project coursework. Students complete and present a substantial self-directed creative media production and technology project which provides them with the opportunity to refine and demonstrate the skills, knowledge, and understanding appropriate to their choice of future career path and entry to Higher Education or related employment.

extended Diploma (Year 2) Unit Content 

The qualification will be delivered through 5 units over a nominal one year period following successful completion of the 8 units contained within year 1. Units will be delivered in a variety of ways to ensure that the qualification provides an appropriately supportive experience as students explore their specialist area of choice in preparation for higher education or employment.

Year 2 Term 1
Units 9-11 will provide students with more focussed opportunities to explore activities and competences within creative media production and technology; encouraging a personal dialogue in terms of ambitions, preferences and future progression opportunities.

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Year 2 Term 2
The second term requires students to identify and understand the principles and practices of their chosen subject and to demonstrate their conclusions in an appropriately skillful manner using the correct academic conventions to ensure successful communication of ideas through the completion of Unit 12. Students should be able to relate their own experiences to the work of other practitioners within their chosen discipline.


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Year 2 Term 3
The final unit will provide students with the opportunities to refine and and demonstrate the skills, knowledge and understanding appropriate to their choice of future career path and entry to higher education or related employment.

Students will complete and present a substantial self-directed creative media production and technology project. This project will exhibit the wealth and breadth of the skills acquired through the 2 year programme.

The Final Major Project will be publicly displayed to showcase the professional standards they have reached as a result of their further educational study.

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facilities - classrooms

Our teaching and learning spaces are set up to enable digital access throughout lectures and workshops; with all machines running Adobe CC software. Below is an example of one of our classrooms:


specialist equipment

The West Durrington campus has a specialist media store which is stocked with analog 35mm and DSLR cameras and accessories. These items are available to loan whilst studying on our programme.

photography Studios

We have x2 photographic studios equipped with a range of lighting, backdrops and lighting accessories.



Additionally, for those of you who enjoy analog processes, and serving to contextualise your digital knowledge; we have black and white processing and developing rooms.


learning resource centres

Our LRC's (learning resource centres) have PC and Mac facilities for you to use outside of your core programme study time. Large format digital printing is available for you to see your work realised off-screen. Here you will also find a wide range of books and journals to support your studies.


alumni testimonials


- James Streeter -

Progressed to: GB MET BA (Hons) Photography

"The staff really get to know you and support you in your creative vision…

As a student I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive and encouraging environment to learn. I was not used to being surrounded by so many like-minded individuals and inspiring tutors and because of this I truly felt I flourished. I owe a great deal to my tutors at Northbrook as they always pushed me to achieve, exceed and never giving up on my goal. I feel without their guidance and the course structure I wouldn’t have got how far I am today.”


Students of the course have gone on to various universities across the country, to study a variety of courses. These include:

  • Arts University Bournemouth - BA (Hons) Commercial Photography

  • Falmouth University - BA (Hons) Marine & Natural History Photography

  • GB MET - FdA Graphic Design / Illustration / Photography, BA (Hons) Communication Design

  • Middlesex University London - BA (Hons) Film

  • Oxford Brookes University - BA (Hons) Photography

  • University of the Arts London - BA (Hons) Film Practice

  • University of Brighton - BA (Hons) Photography

  • University of Chichester - BA (Hons) Media & Communications

  • University of Cumbria - BA (Hons) Wildlife Media

  • University of Gloucestershire - BA (Hons) Film Production

  • University of Portsmouth - BA (Hons) Film Production / BA (Hons) Photography

  • University of Sussex - BA (Hons) Media and Communications


Below are a few examples of alumni success:

William Harrison.JPG

William Harrison

Spark (Lighting Crew) - Netflix Productions incl. The Crown & Bridgerton

PCMF Logo Black.png

Sam Jupp

Studio Manager & First Assistant to Matt Holyoak


James Streeter

Independent Photographer - 17.1k Instagram followers

MORE detail you say?

Click on the PDF below (opens new window) to view the course brochure which contains an overview of useful course information.


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